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Dianthus Grace is the first double flowered dwarf chinensis series on the market. Like its single flowered sister the Diana series, it is a good strain for production in packs and pots. Branching is strongly basal, and the plants are smothered in striking double flowers. In the garden, Grace remains low growing and its carnation like flowers put on their show throughout the season. Grace Salmon received the Fleuroselect quality award.

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Dianthus F1 double flowered Grace

Family:                   Caryophyllaceae
Use:                    Outdoor containers and pot, suitable for borders and beds.
Plant type:          Annual
Height in pot:      15-20 cm (6-8  in.)
Garden height: 25-30 cm (10-12in.)
Seed count: 750-1,200 seeds/ gram (21,000-34,000/oz) Seed  count  varies  by colour  and seed lot.

Media  pH 6.0
temperature 21-24ºC (70-75ºF) EC 0.5
Ammonium based fertilizers  are  not recommended, use  calcium based fertilizers  instead.

Stage 1: radicle emergence
Seeds may  be covered lightly with vermiculite. Radicle  emergence will take  place in 2-4  days. Keep media moist  but do not overwater.
Light is not  necessary for germination. Dianthus is very sensitive to high  salt levels in stage 1 and 2.

Stage 2: expanding stem and cotyledons
Keep media moist,  lower  night  temperature to 18ºC (65ºF).
Under low light conditions supplementary  lighting is advised to promote compact strong seedlings.

Stage 3: development of first true  leaves Keep media moist.  Temperature days  18-20ºC (65-68ºF).
EC 0.5-1
Growth regulators: Cycocel  (1-2  cc/ltr), Bonzi (0.5  cc/ltr) or A-rest.
Treatments can  be applied at the  fourth  true  leaf  stage.

Stage 4: finishing/holding stage
Temperatures can  be  dropped to  15ºC (60ºF).  Higher temperatures will result  in more use  of growth regula- tors to prevent stretching.
Growing on:
After 5-6  weeks  plants can  be transplanted, it will take
9-10 weeks  to finish in the  pack.
Allow an  extra  2 weeks  for 10  cm (4 in.) pots.
Media: a well-drained, porous media is best  to prevent over watering.
pH 6.0-6.5
EC. 1.0-1.75

Moisture: allow  media to dry between watering, do not allow  plants to  wilt  severely, this  will result   in  yellow leaves and serious setback in growth.
Light: Increase total  light  energy to  promote early  flo- wering, daylenght  extension is  not  necessary but  will promote bud  set.

Spidermites, Thrips and whitefly.

Alternaria leaf  spot,  Fusarium wilt.

Growth regulators:
Dianthus interspecific is sensitive to:
–  Cycocel,  spray  up to 5 cc/ltr.  Some  varieties will show leaf  damage at high  Cycocel  levels.  Also a drench of 3cc/ltr. will be effective.
– Bonzi as spray  or drench
– Dif

12-14 weeks  for  packs. Pot  production, 10  cm  (4 in.), may  need an  additional 2-3  weeks.

Sowing          Potting          Flowering

wk 2              wk 8             wk 19/20

wk 4              wk 10           wk 21/22

wk 9              wk 14/15   wk 24/26

Ensure  best  light conditions especially early  season and grow  dry to  restrict  and harden growth. Transplant  on time.

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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