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Modern consumers want to enjoy full-flavoured strawberries, especially during the summer. Thanks to the unique concept of seed propagation of F1 hybrids, these strawberries can be produced locally in a sustainable way. With a high yield, an excellent red color and good weather resistance, F1 Rowena strawberries are in a class of their own. Rowena strawberries are not only a favorite with many growers, but also with consumers!

Strawberry F1 hybrid Rowena showed remarkable results in both high yield and good weather resistance in open field cultivation. . The fruits of the Rowena are very easy to transport and keep well on the shelf. Rowena performs well in open field cultivation and on racks.

Plant properties:
Easy to harvest thanks to a good presentation of the fruit
Open and very vigorous plant
Fruit quality:
The shape of the fruit is broad and conical
Good level of firmness
Intensely bright red strawberry with a normal shelf life
Gourmet quality with Brix 8 – 9˚

High percentage Class 1
Early in the middle of the season
Maintains its productivity until the end of the season

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