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Grace is an F1 hybrid with excellent uniformity and broad individual color selections. Grace produces lots of flowers and has tremendous vase life. Other coilors on demand.

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Godetia Grace

Cultural Information for:      Godetia Grace                           Annual
Common Name:                   Godetia or Clarkia
Botanical Name:                   Clarkia amoena
Seed Count:                  37,000 /ounce                          1,300 /gram
Optimum Germination Temperature:      65ºF / 18ºC
Optimum Growing Temperature:             50-55ºF / 11-13ºC

Plug Stage – 4 weeks (288 / 12 x 24 tray)

Stage One (Days 1–10) Single sow Godetia Grace into a
288 plug cell using a plug media with little or no starter charge. Lightly cover the seed with either media or vermiculite, and maintain a soil temperature of 65°F/18°C with even soil moisture.

Stage Two (Days 11-21)  When green appears move trays to a cool, bright and well-ventilated greenhouse. To ensure strong development, supplemental lighting (from 8 AM to 5
PM) can benefit the plugs. For vegetative growth provide
short days (< 12 hours of light). Optimum temperature is
55-60°F/13-15°C. Soil fertility directly influences lateral branching. High soil fertility promotes many side breaks to form. This is not desirable for greenhouse beds where single stemmed plants are preferred. If the plug media does not contain a starter charge, feed the plugs one time with 50-100 ppm of nitrogen, preferably from a well- balanced calcium nitrate based fertilizer. If the plug media contains a starter charge, no additional fertilizer is necessary.

Stage Three (Days 21 -27)  Maintain cool temperatures and use a negative DIF, if possible. Weekly sprays of B-9 at
2,500 ppm will help to control plant height, but temperature
manipulation has proven to be the most effective tool. A second light feeding of 50-100 ppm of nitrogen can be applied if the plants look yellow and hungry.

Stage Four (Day 28) Plug flats are now ready for transplanting or shipping. Plugs should be planted immediately, especially if produced under long days, in order to maximize stem length during cut flower production.

Cut Flower Production

Soil preparation: Select a sunny location with a well- drained sandy soil that is low in fertility and has a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Work the bed to a depth of 6 inches/15 cm. Crop rotation is recommended to avoid problems with fusarium.

Transplanting: Godetia plugs are sensitive, so dislodge the plugs from the tray by pushing up from the bottom. Avoid pulling the plants out of the tray by hand, which may damage the stem. To prevent rot, avoid planting the plug
below the soil line.

Spacing: For outdoor production, space the plants 9 x 10 inches/23 x 25 cm. apart, and at the same time pinch the tip for production of high quality cut flowers. For Greenhouse production, do not pinch and space 4 x 4 inches/10 cm x 10 cm. apart to promote single stems. For both greenhouse and field culture, support the plants with netting when the plants are 18 inches/45 cm. high. Also, be sure to raise the support netting as the plants grow.

Fertilization: Excessive fertilizer results in soft plants with and poor flower quality. Maintain soluble salts around 0.6 mmhos (1 to 2 slurry).

Temperature: Maintain night temperature at 45-50°F/7-10 °C, and day temperature between 50-55°F/11-13°C.

Lighting: Godetia Grace is a long day response plant, and is very sensitive to light, similar to a Poinsettia. Therefore, the use of ordinary mum lighting, (10 foot candles/100 lux), is sufficient to induce flowering when producing Godetia under natural short day conditions.

Scheduling:  For outdoor production in warm areas, sow in Dec./Jan. for flowering in May/June. For outdoor production in cool areas, sow in Feb./March for flowering in July/August. In northern areas where late frosts prevent early transplanting, use a larger plug tray, (128 cell), and maintain short day conditions (12 hours of darkness*) with black cloth. This will prevent early flower initiation and aid in maximizing stem length outdoors. *< 10 foot candles /
100 lux

To flower Godetia Grace for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter in the Greenhouse, please use the following schedule. Extend the photoperiod 6 hours (6 PM to 12 AM) using ordinary mum lighting, (incandescent bulbs placed 6 inches/15 cm., over the crop with one bulb per 10 square feet/0.9 square meters ) after transplanting into the beds. Using two rows of lights over each bed and staggering the light bulbs yields a more uniform crop.

Sow Date                   Flowering Date           Number of weeks*
Aug. 25 / Sept. 1         December 10                15 weeks Sept. 15 / Sept. 20      February 4                    19 weeks Oct. 6 / Oct. 10           March 15                      21 weeks
*as daylength and light quality is reduced, time to flower increases

Vase life: The use of sugar-based preservatives greatly reduces the vase life of Godetia Grace. Ordinary tap water is the best option.

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”

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