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Limbo is the only natural dwarf non-stretching grandiflora Petunia on the market. This unique petunia series has proven to be of great value to growers, retailers and consumers. Plant growth regulators are not necessary. This made growers understand how, using Limbo petunia would enable them to take a step forward in environmentally conscious growing. Its compact and non-stretching plant habit shows a superb shelf life during the shipping and sales period. In the garden Limbo will not get leggy. On the contrary, it will develop into a nicely mound shaped and well-branched plant, covered in huge flowers. Another advantage of Limbo is that it quickly recovers from rain damage and flowers continuously throughout the season. Limbo Violet received the Fleuroselect quality award.

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Petunia grandiflora F1 Limbo, natural dwarf

Family:                   Solanaceae
Used:                  Outdoor containers, pot and pack, suitable  for borders and beds.
Plant type:          Annual
Height in pot:      10-15 cm (4-6  in.)
Garden height: 15-20 cm (5-8  in.)
Seed count: 8,000-11,000 seeds/gram (255,000-300,000 seeds/oz) Seed  count  varies  by variety  and seed lot

pH 5.9  to 6.2
Media  EC 0.5-0.75

Stage 1: radicle emergence
Radicle  emergence will occur  in 3-4  days.
Moisture: keep media wet but  not  completely saturated to prevent lack of oxygen.
Covering is not  necessary. Light: Petunia will germinate better in light versus  in the  dark.
Temperature: 22-25ºC (72-77ºF )

Stage 2: expanding stem and cotyledons
Moisture: keep media moist  but  not  wet  to allow  roots to penetrate.
EC. 1.0-1.25
Temperature: 18-20ºC (65-68ºF)
To induce early  flowering a day  of  at  least   14  hrs  at
3500 lux (350  foot candles) is needed.

Stage 3: development of first true  leaves
Moisture: reduce  moisture  levels   for  compact  sturdy growth. Allow media to dry in between watering. Temperature:  18-20ºC  (65-68ºF) To reduce stretching do not use  ammonium-based fertilizers  but replace with calcium-based fertilizers.
EC. 1.25-1.75
Supplemental lighting up  to an  16-18 days  will induce early  flowering.

Stage 4: finishing/holding stage
Moisture: Keep media relatively dry to prevent stretching.
Temperature:  15-18ºC  (60-65ºF) Temperatures  below
15ºC (60ºF)  will delay  flower  initiation. Fertilizing  and EC: see  stage

Growing on:
Low boron levels may  cause tip abortion and blindness. Use of calcium-based fertilizers  will prevent calcium deficiency
pH:  keep pH above 5.7  and below  6.4  to prevent iron deficiency.
Moisture: Allow media to dry and plants slightly  to wilt between watering. Best result  with growth regulators is after  application of watering when foliage is dry.
Light: Most Petunias need long  days  (> 14  hrs ) to pro- mote early  flowering. In low  light  areas supplemental lighting of  4,000-6,500 lux  (400-650 foot  candles)  is advisable.

Growth regulators:
Petunia Limbo  is  naturally dwarf   and does not  need growth regulators to provide a salable plant. However, PGRs can  be  applied to  provide extra  compact plants. The plants responds to Daminozide (Dazide, B-Nine 85) at 2-3  g/litre. Stop before flower  buds  develop.

Control: common insecticides can  be used, check  for labelled products.

Pythium,  Phytophthora –  Damping off.   Good hygiene is essential. Botrytis and Powdery  mildew  can  also  be  a problem. Good hygiene is essential.

Sowing          Potting          Flowering
wk 6              wk 10           wk 17
wk 10            wk 14           wk 19/20

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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