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Flowering Type: Facultative long-day plant; long days enhance flowering.

Flowering Mechanism: High light and long days shorten time to flower.

The timing approximations are based on optimal culture
recommendations below:

GERMINATION STAGE 1 (Approximately day 1 – 5)
Tray size: 105 to 288 cell size plug tray. One seed per cell.

Cover: Seed cover is not recommended. If used, apply a very thin cover of medium-grade vermiculite.

Light: If utilizing a chamber, providing a light source of 10-100 foot candles (80 – 800 lux; 2 – 15 micro mols/m2) will improve germination.

Temperature: Day and night: 72 – 76°F (22 – 24°C).

Moisture: Saturated (level 5) for days 1 – 5 or until radicle emergence.

Relative humidity: 95 – 100% from the time seed is sown until radicle emergence takes place, root has penetrated media and there is some cotyledon development. Expect radicle emergence in 3 – 5 days.

Media: pH 5.5 – 5.8. EC 0.7 – 1.0 mS/cm (saturated media extract)

GERMINATION STAGE 2 (Approximately day 6 – 13)
Light: 1,500 – 2,500 foot candles (16,000 – 27,000 lux; 300 – 500 micro mols/m2). DLI (Daily Light Integral): 4 – 8 mols/day.

Temperature: 68 – 75°F (20 – 24°C).

Moisture: After radical emergence, alternate media between wet (level 4) and moist (level 3).

Relative Humidity: Lower relative humidity to 40%. Provide horizontal airflow to aid in the drying of media through evapotranspiration.

Media: pH 5.5 – 5.8. EC 0.7 – 1.0 mS/cm (saturated media extract)

Fertilizers: 14-4-14 or 17-5-17 at 50 – 75 ppm nitrogen as needed.

PLUG BULKING (Approximately day 14 – 28)
The time necessary for the shoots to proportionally fill the plug and for the roots to develop throughout the media. Plug time will vary based on growing environment
and culture.

Light: 3,000 – 4,500 foot candles (32,300 – 48,400 lux; 600 – 900 micro mols/m2). DLI: 10 – 16 mols/day. Provide supplemental lighting if the DLI is less than 10 mols/day. During winter, providing day-extension lighting to achieve at least a 14-hour photoperiod will reduce crop time.

Temperature: 65 – 68°F (18 – 20°C).

Relative humidity: 40 – 50%

Moisture: Alternate between moisture levels wet (4) and medium (2). Allow media to dry back to level (2) before re-saturating to level (4).

Media: pH 5.5 – 5.8. EC 0.8 – 1.2 mS/cm (saturated media extract)

Fertilizer: Feed established seedlings at 100 – 150 ppm nitrogen. Under high light conditions, apply an ammonium-based fertilizer (17-5-17) and under low light conditions apply a calcium-based fertilizer (14-4-14).

Plant Growth Regulators: If hypocotyl stretch is observed, spray B-Nine® (daminozide) at 1,500 – 3,000 ppm.

The timing approximations are based on optimal culture
recommendations below:

TRANSPLANT TO FINISH (Approximately day 29 – 70)
Container size: packs, 4 inch (10 cm), gallons

Plugs per Container: See table.

Light: 3,500 – 5,500 foot candles (37,700 – 59,200 lux; 700 – 1,100 micro mols/m2). DLI: 12 – 20 mols/day. Provide supplemental lighting if the DLI is
less than 10 mols/day. Facultative long-day plant; flowering is up to 6 days faster under 16-hour day lengths versus 10 hours.

Temperature: Day: 60 – 75°F (16 – 24°C); Night: 55 – 65°F (13 – 18°C). After flower buds become visible, temperatures can be lowered to 50°F (10°C)
to tone crop or hold.

Moisture: Alternate moisture levels between wet (4) and dry (1). Allow media to dry back to level (1) before re-saturating to level (4). Over watering will cause
soft growth and plant stretch.

Relative humidity: 40 – 50%.

Media: pH 5.5 – 5.8. EC 1.0 – 1.5 mS/cm (saturated media extract)

Fertilizer: 100 – 150 ppm Nitrogen. Under high light conditions, apply an ammonium-based fertilizer (17-5-17). Under low light conditions, apply a
calcium-based fertilizer (14-4-14). To prevent stretching under low light and cool temperatures, reduce ammonium and apply only calcium-based fertilizer.

Pinching: Not recommended.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs): Few PGRs are required because of the genetically compact habit of Damask petunia. Over-watering or warm
temperatures will promote stretching. If growth control is necessary, foliar sprays of B-Nine at 1,500 – 5,000 ppm, Sumagic® (uniconazole-p) at 2.5 – 5
ppm or Bonzi® (paclobutrazol) at 5 – 15 ppm can be applied. PGR rates for Damask will be different than most other petunia series. To avoid over-growth
regulating Damask, perform a small trial to determine appropriate rates for your growing conditions.

Common Diseases: Botrytis, Rhizoctonia

Common Pests: Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Thrips

Recommended Fungicides: Daconil®, Heritage®, Medallion® WDG, Palladium®

Recommended Insecticides: Avid®, Citation®, Endeavor®, Flagship®, Scimitar® GC

Recommended Bioline™ Biological Control Agents:
Target Pest                           Biological Control Agent
Aphids                                   Aphiline™ c, Aphiline e, Aphiline ce, Aphidoline™ a
Fungus gnats                      Exhibitline™ sf, Hypoline™ m, Staphyline™ c
Thrips                                    Amblyline™ cu, Swirskiline as, Exhibitline sf, Hypoline m, Oriline™ i, Thripline™ ams

Plug time: 288-cell trays: 4 – 5 weeks; 128-cell trays: 5 – 6 weeks when grown at an average daily temperature (ADT) of 65°F (18°C) and a DLI of 10 – 15 mols/day.

Finish time from transplant: Timing will vary depending on plug size, container size, and growing environment. At an ADT of 60°F (16°C) and under
long days with a DLI of 12 – 15 mols/day: 5 – 6 weeks from transplant of 288 cell plugs (4 weeks old) to finish in packs or 4-inch pots. See table.

Total crop time: Under long days and a DLI of 12 – 15 mols/day: 9 – 10 weeks for packs and 4-inch pots at an ADT of 60°F (16°C) and 7 – 8 weeks at an ADT
of 70°F (21°C).

Container Size         Plugs per pot            Finish crop time from transplant of 288-cell trays at different ADTs (weeks)*
55°F (13°C)   60°F (16°C)    70°F (21°C)
Packs                              1                            6-7                   5-6                    3-4
4 inch (10 cm)               1                            6-7                   5-6                    3-4
Gallons                           1                            7-8                   6-7                    4-5

*Finish time assumes a 4-week old 288 plug, long-day photoperiod, and a DLI of 12 – 15 mols/day.

Light: Full sun

USDA Hardiness Zone: 8

Garden Height: 8 – 10 inches

Spacing: Space plants 12 inches apart in well-drained garden soil

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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