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Tagetes ‘Ground Control’ keeps Pratylenchus penetrans under maximum control. Successful cultivation of ‘Ground Control’ is half the battle.


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Required amount of seed: 5-10 kg per ha.
Sowing is possible from mid-May to mid-August.
For best results, sowing between mid-June and mid-July is recommended.
Sowing can be done with a grain seeder, provided the Tagetes seed is kept loose and tangles are prevented by keeping the seed in motion.
Sowing depth: 0.5 to 1 cm.
Preferably sow in a moist substrate for good germination.
Tagetes needs a nitrogen application of approximately 50-80 kg pure N/ha.
It is extremely important to keep the crop free of weeds. Weeds multiply nematodes.
For optimal effect, a cultivation period of at least 100 days is recommended.

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